Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of Oakland County participants for the Class of 2018.

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Isabel Lenzen

High School: Notre Dame Preparatory

College Preference: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Career Goals: Global Marketing

Talent: Dance (Musical Theatre, by Mallory Marshall)

Hannah Miller

High School: Walled Lake Northern High School

College Preference: Hope College

Career Goals: Speech Pathologist

Talent: Tap Dance 

Gabriella Petrucci

High School: Mercy High School

College Preference: University of Michigan

Career Goals: Physical Therapist and Dance Teacher

Talent: Lyrical Dance (Fall for You, by Leela James)

Sonia Petrucci

High School: Northville High School

College Preference: University of Michigan, Purdue University

Career Goals: Engineer

Talent: Lyrical Dance (I Look To You, by Whitney Houston)

Kaitlyn Piggott

High School: Kettering High School

College Preference: Michigan State University

Career Goals: Pediatric Neurologist

Talent: Dance (That Man, by Caro Emerald)

Melanie Taylor

High School: Seaholm High School

College Preference: Columbia University

Career Goals: Attorney

Talent: Original Poetry (The Gracefully Erased, by Melanie Taylor)

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